The Phone Cradle - Car Phone Holder
The Phone Cradle - Car Phone Holder
The Phone Cradle - Car Phone Holder
The Phone Cradle - Car Phone Holder
The Phone Cradle - Car Phone Holder

The Phone Cradle - Car Phone Holder

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The Phone Cradle is the most exquisite phone holder on the market.  It fits perfectly with almost any car and can hold almost ANY phone.  It's perfect because it shapes itself to your phone size naturally while keeping it secure.

The grip is extremely firm when it's clenched around your phone, but as soon as you lift your phone up it releases super fast and easy.  The most practical way to have a phone holder.

No clips, no magnets, no attachments or anything extraneous.  It's just a one cradle mechanism that fits perfectly for your phone.

The Phone Cradle grabs your phone seamlessly

The easy slide-in feature allows you to position your phone in certain ways and really grips it tightly.  When weight goes into the arms of the cradle, the phone gets more secure.

Check out these different positions you can put your phone in:

Full-screen Display

Just because the Phone Cradle has a tight and secure grip, doesn't mean it will be covering your phone's screen.  Your phone should display as a full screen show out that allows you to see everything.

    Compact when not in use, secure when you put your phone down

    The design for this cradle is extremely minimal.  When there is no phone placed in the cradle, it compact's itself to an extremely small form that is non-obstructive and clean-looking.

    When you decide to rest your phone down, it easily grips it with no effort.  It also has a high quality and sleek look.

    Pneumatic Shock Protection is HUGE

    With the spring-loaded cradle, your phone will enjoy the best in pneumatic shock protection.  No matter how bumpy the road gets, your cradle will hold your phone still and not move around.  It's the perfect way to keep your phone level and secure in even the bumpiest conditions.

    Will the Phone Cradle work for my car and is it adjustable?

    Yes! The Phone Cradle works with practically any air condition vent.  It's state-of-the-art clip allows you to clip on to any air condition vent like most car phone holders.

    It can also be easily adjusted with it's ball and socket joint.   This allows for 360 degree steering adjustment and really lets you get the perfect fit.


    • Strong grip to keep from moving or falling out
    • Easy-to-release grip by lifting up
    • Steady and strong arms for cradle
    • Back spring-loaded button to release arms
    • Small and compact
    • Fits almost any car air condition vent

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews

    It's great.


    Bought a couple of pieces in two cars, as a husband loves such things and his brother. The fastener is strong enough, the phone huawei mate 20 pro sits perfectly.


    Thank you. The parcel came quickly. It's beautiful. Cool holder.


    Cool holders. The quality is good-the plastic is strong. Shipping fast


    Everything is fine, quality holder.


    I took two pieces, red and gray holder, the photo is only gray (silver). Holders are strong, solid, fasteners are excellent, in size is not small, the design liked.


    Normal such) buttons on the phone do not overlap anything, unlike the previous holder of a similar design. Russia was not tracked. Drove 40 days to krasnodar. In general, satisfied.


    As described and holds phone well. Fairly easy to use (just slot the phone in and the arms align correctly) . Note that the unit does stick out a bit.


    best phone case in this budget. love it. came very fast.


    Thank you for the quality goods. I really liked this holder) looks great-such a miniature and stylish. Its functions perfectly perform. Attach photo: